Criterion Collection As Haiku

175: Pickpocket

His sly fingers pry
wallets and watches— two hands
as blank as a face.


Bonus! A list of nicknames for Michel, the skinny pickpocket, all of which are really bad puns:

Wallets Thievens (Wallace Stevens?)
The Heist-Man Cometh
Paranoid Handroid
Slim Pickins

174: Time Bandits

The paths of time branch
like labyrinths— routes stretch out
only to dead-end.


I totally phoned in last week’s haiku for Time Bandits. I feel bad about it, so to help absolve my guilt I’m gonna post a new haiku. Think of it as a second take.

174: Time Bandits

Kev and the bandits
strung up in a tree, R-O-


173: Rebecca

Sunk secrets smother
like flowers— scents that shatter
psyches once unearthed.


172: The Killing

Swirling money masks
tarmac, blankets the ground like
jokes without punchlines.


iran-ed asked: I've never seen 'Ali' but seeing as it's a remake of 'All That Heaven Allows' which you didn't seem to like. What's different?

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of All That Heaven Allows. Melodrama isn’t really my thing, and Sirk goes full-force on the melodrama. The whole movie felt like a bunch of rich white people complaining about stupid shit that shouldn’t be an issue. It felt outdated.

Ali, on the other hand, felt fresh and contemporary. I can’t believe it’s 40 years old! By focusing on an interracial couple, Fassbinder added a more interesting dimension to the drama. And thankfully he sticks closer to drama, not melodrama. As a result, Ali felt like a way more honest movie.

Thanks for your question!

169: Masculin Feminin

Human hearts are screens
onto which we project reels
of life-long defeat.


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